Assurance & Accounting Services

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Relevant, transparent and independently reviewed financial statements are more critical than ever to building confidence both within your organization and with external stakeholders.  We are committed to your success, in part, by ensuring you have the timely, meaningful and reliable financial information you need to make decisions with confidence.


We provide audit services for non-profit organizations and small to medium sized enterprises.  Audits are often requested by outside parties, such as a regulatory body. However, they are also an essential part of reaching your business goals.  A financial institution, potential investor or purchaser may require an audit to facilitate a transaction that could help grow your business.

Our audits are tailored and involve a comprehensive review and analysis of your financial statements and related business records in accordance with applicable financial reporting standards.  This enables us to offer you valuable advice on how you can improve your internal controls, identify fiscal irregularities before they become an issue and provide an accurate picture of your current financial state.

Our auditors follow Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS) for all audit engagements and adhere to rigorous quality control policies to provide you with an audit opinion that meets the highest standard.


Banks, creditors and potential investors may request a review of your financial statements before completing a transaction with or investing in your business.  In a review engagement, we assess your financial statements through enquiry, analysis and discussion, and provide limited assurance that your financial statements are presented in accordance with applicable financial reporting standards.  In addition to a review engagement report, we may provide a comparative benchmark analysis.  This, along with other financial indicators, will help you interpret your financial results and ease your business decision-making process.


Although your financial information systems will often provide you with the detailed information you need, you may require assistance compiling a set of financial statements summarizing your operations.  We can assemble your information into professionally prepared financial statements.